July 22, 2015

Now What?

Thank you for joining our Hakhel community.



By doing so, you have actually fulfilled the mitzvah of Hakhel.

Our sages taught that actually a the time of exile we can fulfill the mitzvot associated with the Temple without the physical limitations of coming to the physical Temple.  This is why saying the korbanot – scarifies daily is considered like bringing them in actuality, something that at the Holy Temple would only be possible by a kohen and at a specific time, etc.

Similarly, we are fulfilling this special mitzvah today even before the Hakhel year begins, and during the entire Hakhel year and after.  Although we pray and wish for the Third Temple to be rebuilt immediately now.

If you have chosen a mitzvah resolution you will receive a monthly reminder for your resolution.  We hope to soon add groups based on the chosen mitzvah where you can discuss and encourage others, as the inner meaning of Hakhel is to encourage each other to grow in our awe of G-d, meaning to attain higher levels of revelation.