April 15, 2015

Study Kabbalah!

The quickest and shortest way to bring about the True and Complete Redemption, is to study, internalize, and share the esoteric aspects of the Torah.

The following is a short, trial, session reading Rabbi Avraham Abulafia’s Chayey HaOlam HaBa – The Life of the world to Come, the classic introduction to the meditative kabbalah.  Formerly only existing in rare manuscripts, it was the secret of secrets for the practical kabbalists, and still today these writings are the gateway to the prophetic experience.

However, these teachings are hidden in the words which must be experienced, after being thoroughly understood and contemplated.  Fortunately, we have been given the keys to understanding and applying these teachings, these were made possible by the Holy Rebbe the Baal Shem Tov, who received from the Hidden Kabbalists, and was the founder of Chassidus.  Through all the Nesiim – Rebbes of Chassidus, through the Alter Rebbe, to the Rebbe King Moshiach.

The following is an experiment at opening a crack in the introduction of the sefer,using explanations and analogies from Chassidus Chabad to unlock these holy words.

The following short video is a continuing discussion of the paths for Ruach HaKodesh – Holy Spirit, and the path in divine service known as Chassidus Chabad.


The key to our redemption is unity among the Jewish people.  This unity is our strength and source of healing, as well as a means by which each of us can tap into the spiritual power of the greater whole.


Lesson 1-1

Our mission is to unite as many Jewish men, women, and children as possible, by writing their name and mitzvah resolution in a single database.  This is the bottom line of the discourse of 13 Tishrey 5748.  If you are interested in creating your own list of adding to this central list, please contact us below.