Moshiach Coming in Motzei Shviis


As we know, Motzei Shviis, the year following the Shemitah year, is destined by the sages of the Talmud to be the year that Moshiach comes. This year takes place every 7 years, as the Talmus lists the 7 steps through the 7 year process, culminating in the War of Gog & Magog in the 7th Shemitah year, and in the following year (the 8th year), Moshiach (14)

This 8th year, of course, is also the year of Hakhel, as the mitzvah of Hakhel is that the King reads from the Torah to the entire Jewish nation, gathered in the Temple in the holiday of Sukkos immediately following the previous Shemitah year.  And our sages teach us that the entire year, the 8th year, is called the year of Hakhel.

And we know from the Holy Zohar (as well as the Talmud) that the number 8 corresponds to Moshiach and the Redemption, which comes from the Sefirah of Binah, the Sefirah following the 7 Emotive Attributes – Sefiros, also know as the World of Liberty.  In the writings of the Ariz”l we learn that this 8 dimension is the dimension of the Mekifim – the encompassing light that is beyond grasp & understanding of the limited dimensions existing within it.

In other words, the dimension of the 7 emotive attributes (in Etz Chaim these are called Ze’er Anpin & Nukba, the male and female elements of creation) is considered limited by the fact that it exists within a realm of (some) time & space, in the realm within “Creation”, and hence are defined and limited by the space/reality they exist in.  Please note I am talking in spiritual senses, and the wors must be contemplated and ungarbed from their literal meaning into their more abstract dimensions.

However, the 8th dimension is beyond the limitations of time & space, even in their primordial spiritual and sublime source in the word of Atzilut.  The levels of Binah and Chochmah are called Mochin, or Intelects (“concepts”, “ideas”, “forms”).  Unlike the 7 emotive attributes of Good & Bad, the 8th dimension is openly revealed G-dliness, the eoncompassing Light of No End, which is the source of the internalized revealed dimensions, and is guarding them.

This is the reality of Moshiach, and this is the inner dimension (a little bit) of the powerful meaning of the year of Hakhel.

Ksiva vechasima tova leshana tova umesuka,