Bringing Moshiach Now

 The world is on the brink of a new era – we are in the midst of a process of the true and complete redemption by Moshiach


Nobody knows how it is going to be, but whatever it is, it’s happening in front of our eyes.

We are not here to ‘warn you” about terrible things that might happen, G-d forbid, there is no need for that.  The process of the redemption is slow and natural, which also makes it come with less drama as “predicted” by so many “end of days evangelists”.

What we are trying to do is to collectively “open our eyes”, and perceive the new era already well underway, understand what rules have changes, what doors have closed, and what new opportunities are available.  These are things that have been happening in front of our eyes for two decades already, but we haven’t noticed them while busy paying the bills and getting through day to day life.

For example, consider the following changes to our lives in the “new era”:

  1. We used to shop in store, now we shop on Amazon
  2. We can find any item or piece of information instantly
  3. We work from home or anywhere in the world
  4. We communicate in real time with any place in the world
  5. So much more…

The Internet and Social Networks literally connected the entire world, we see some early results of this phenomenon in the Arab Spring, and power is quickly moving from central power sources to the “grass roots”.  These are all consequences in the physical and material world of processes that are taking place in the spiritual realms.

Of course, wars and confusing are a part of the growing pains of mankind.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  The power of today’s available connectivity and knowledge makes it the ideal grounds for the dissemination and application of divine Knowledge, which has been laying hidden for thousands of years, and prophesied to become public in the generation of Moshiach.

Notice we are not talking about “who Moshiach is”.  To us it’s irrelevant, we are more concerned with what each and everyone of us has to do to bring about the true and complete redemption, then let all the miraculous things happen (and they will happen) but none of us knows when that will be, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that to bring the world into this new era we have to all come together, form a global community based on knowledge of G-d, but not in a dogma sort of way but rather through philosophical, scientific, and experiential inquiry.  And most importantly – through enlightening our personal lives and our own little personal day to day challenges with the Light of Moshiach, which the Zohar says is in the secrets of Kabbalah.

 So how do you come out of exile?

While it’s a big statement to make, the first step forward is to join the fellowship of the greater whole.  This should be preceded and followed by learning, all of our perceived pain is a result of the darkness of ignorance.  Everyone has some “darkness of ignorance” in one aspect or another (or many) of life, and where we are ignorant (where we don’t see the big picture) is where we experience the most pain.  The cure for all pain is the Light of Intellect, the more you know, the more you illuminate yourself and your environment, the more context you create in life and hence you are able to see life’s challenges and guide posts in the process of healing and improvement.

Once again, this is where the greater whole can help each of its parts.  Kabbalah teaches that each of us is a union of a “vessel” and a “light” for example a “soul” and a “body”.  When two people join together, each has the benefit of twice the Light.  This is the inner meaning behind many rulings in Jewish Law that pertain to a quorum of 10, and sometimes 100, 1000, up to 600,000.  The Giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai would not have been possible, according to our Sages, if even one person would have been missing.  This is because the in gathering of those 600,000 brought about the revelation at Mt Sinai and the Giving of the Torah.  Similarly this was the inner meaning behind the mitzva of Hakhel in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  And this is also accomplished today by joining a larger group of the Jewish Nation, even with as simple an act as signing your name and mothers name.

But we can go much further.  We wish for this effort to grow a community of people learning together and strengthening each other in their personal journey of applying the mystical teachings in our personal lives.

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